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Sulfuric Acid Equipment made with Corrosion-Resistant MECS® ZeCor® alloys

MECS® ZeCor® equipment for Sulfuric Acid Plants

a versatile mix of acid plant maintenance and process components and equipment

In addition to our range of MECS® ZeCor® towers, pump tanks, piping systems  and acid distributors, we offer sulfuric acid plant operators a complete line of components and maintenance upgrade accessories fabricated from extremely corrosion-resistant and lightweight ZeCor® alloys .

The mechanical properties of ZeCor® alloys allow for a versatile mix of acid plant maintenance and process components and equipment which include:

  • Packing Support Grids
  • Nozzle Sleeves
  • Outlet Sleeves
  • Orifice Plates
  • Inlet Acid Strainers
  • Outlet Acid Strainers
  • Vortex Breakers

All items are manufactured in a proven welding process that uses ZeCor® filler wire. Welds are qualified to ASME code, section IX procedure and maintain full corrosion resistance throughout their lifetime.

MECS® Zecor® alloys – high performance process components

Acid Coolers

MECS® ZeCor®-Z coolers provide outstanding protection against corrosion without requiring an anodic protection system. The unique ZeCor®-Z alloy extends the cooler’s service life and ensures the cooler is almost maintenance-free, is easy to operate and results in lower lifecycle costs as well as less downtime for inspections and repairs.

Packing Support Systems

The packing support in sulfuric acid towers is critical to their overall performance. MECS® ZeCor®  alloy packing supports are designed with a greater than 80% open flow area to ensure excellent gas distribution. They offer a maximum open area for lowest gas pressure drop and highest efficiency in brick-lined, ZeCor® or other alloy sulfuric acid plant towers. Pre-fabricated with ZeCor® alloy, this makes them strong and light weight for easy handling and quick assembly. ZeCor® packing supports can be installed in both new towers and field retrofits, whether the towers are brick-lined or made of alloy. We can custom design packing supports to suit your site and process condition and achieve optimal tower efficiency.  

TowerGARD® Mesh Pads

Stainless steel, alloy 20 or even Teflon® mesh pads used in absorbing or drying towers of sulfuric acid plants often only have a relatively short service life. By incorporating the corrosion-resistance ZeCor®-Z alloy into TowerGARD® mesh pads, it is possible to avoid this issue.

All our components and equipment can be made with any of our exclusive high performance MECS® Zecor® alloys including:

  • ZeCor®-Z
  • ZeCor®-310M
  • ZeCor®-310MT
  • ZeCor®-C
  • ZeCor®-CL
  • ZeCor®-CL29

These alloys are available in a range of thicknesses to enable production of customized equipment to suit site specific needs and to accommodate various different corrosion requirements. Our process knowledge and decades of experience working with the sulfuric acid industry combined with the corrosion resistant properties of MECS® ZeCor® alloys will ensure the best design for your acid plant application, offering you lower total installed project cost and life cycle maintenance costs.

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