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MECS® ZeCor® UniFlo® Acid Distributors

Materials and Process Experience Makes the Difference

For over 20 years, we have been providing the sulfuric acid industry with high-performance acid distribution systems made with unrivalled highly corrosion resistant MECS® ZeCor® alloys. Our unique MECS® UniFlo® acid distributors deliver continuous and precise distribution of acid for optimum absorption efficiency, minimum mist generation and maximum service life of downstream equipment in sulfuric acid  plants. Built with our exclusive MECS® ZeCor®-Z and ZeCor®-310M alloys – the toughest corrosion-resistant materials on the market – these units also reduce installation, maintenance and lifecycle costs. These unique engineered alloys exhibit corrosion rates of less than 1 mpy (0.0254 mm/yr) under normal operating conditions in 93% to 99% strong sulfuric acid. In fact, our ZeCor® equipment has a standard life of 20-plus years. As a result, UniFlo® Acid Distributors have significantly lower lifecycle costs than conventional designs in cast iron. What’s more, lightweight ZeCor® makes UniFlo® Acid Distributors easier for plant maintenance personnel to install.
With nearly 1,000 acid distributors installed in sulfuric acid plants worldwide, we can offer proven engineering solutions to meet a wide range of individual sulfuric acid plant requirements. Our new, patented UniFlo® Acid Distributors provide sulfuric acid plant operators with all the advantages of a conventional trough-style distributor, as well as a host of additional benefits. To start with, UniFlor® Acid Distributors ensure continuous and precise distribution of acid throughout the tower packing. This ensures optimum absorption efficiency and a lower pressure drop, as well as minimum mist generation and maximum service life of downstream equipment.

Why Engineers in The Know Specify MECS® UniFlo® Distributors

Unique Designs and Processes

To achieve cost efficiency and reduce gas velocity, we reduce the number of required trough rows in the acid tower to achieve high absorption efficiency and lower pressure drop. Our wider and deeper trough bodies reduce acid velocities to a minimum, decreasing velocity-induced corrosion and plugging, and allowing for smooth acid flow, high absorption efficiency, and lower pressure drop. 

A set of uniquely designed and patented gate assemblies in each trough allows for quick, easy flow adjustment. These adjustments can be made in minutes without changing out orifice plates. The result is a distributor with continuous and extremely uniform acid distribution – with the added benefits of quick set up, flow calibration and faster field installation. 


Advantages of MECS® UniFlo® Acid Distributors

  • Uniform acid distribution for higher efficiency and less pressure drop.
  • Enhanced tower performance through the elimination of gas channeling and SO3 slippage.
  • Resistance to sulfuric acid corrosion, velocity induced erosion and plugging.
  • Lighter weight allowing for ease of field installation.
  • Adjustable gate assemblies resulting in fast set up and calibration.
  • Open trough design makes visual inspection simple.
  • Reduced maintenance results in lower life-cycle costs.
  • Available in corrosion resistant ZeCor®-Z and ZeCor®-310M.
  • Proven design – hundreds of successful installations worldwide.

The result is a distributor with continuous and extremely uniform acid distribution — with the added benefits of faster setup, flow calibration, and field installation.

Expert MECS® engineers can customize UniFlo® Acid Distributors to your sulfuric acid plant specifications. With its lightweight installation, uniform acid distribution, dependability, enhanced safety, easier maintenance, longer life, and lower costs — the advantages of UniFlo® are clear.

To find out more about MECS® UniFlo® Acid Distributors, view our brochure.