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Chemical Industry Products and Processes From Elessent Clean Technologies

Chemicals Comprehensive Solutions for Air Pollution and Energy Control in the Chemical Industry

Since the chemical industry is process oriented, utilizing rotating equipment, chemical resistant piping, pressure vessels, instrumentation, other specialty hardware items and energy sources, the issues related to generating and controlling air pollution and conserving and/or recovering spent energy are diverse. Our portfolio of technologies and processes can provide innovative solutions and process enhancements for the individual issues our customers in the chemical industry face.┬á MECS┬« products also solve some of the worldÔÇÖs most difficult mist and particulate removal problems. The tougher the application, the more likely one of our products can be custom-designed to meet each individual customerÔÇÖs needs.


Organic Chemicals

Producers of organic chemicals trust MECS® technologies, products and processes to add value and environmental compliance to their operations.  In many cases Brink® mist eliminators are an excellent solution to remove harmful impurities from off-gas streams.


MECS┬« in-process equipment protection is widely used in the chlorine industry.  Our Brink┬« mist eliminators are the industry standard for protecting critical equipment and extending run times between shutdowns. 

Titanium Dioxide

Elessent Clean Technologies is a world leader in air pollution control and value-added solutions for the TiO2 industry. DynaWave┬« was originally invented for this application.

Plastics & Resins

Organic emissions in the plastics and resins industry are challenges that are met with our technologies. Plasticizer vapors produced during the manufacture of plastics and resin products can condense in the air causing hydrocarbon emissions and dense plumes, unless they are captured. Brink® mist eliminators in packaged systems can be used on curing ovens, extruders and injection molding machines to effectively remove the sub-micron mists generated in these processes.


Many opportunities exist for energy savings in this industry, and we can custom-design solutions for individual plant needs to ensure process optimization. As methanol production affords many opportunities for energy savings, MECS®-ThermoZTM gas-to-gas heat exchangers can be used in conjunction with reformers to provide an excellent means of recovering heat that would otherwise be lost to ambient surroundings.

Sulfuric Acid

MECS® is the world leader in sulfuric acid technologies for many industrial segments. Elessent Clean Technologies offers a large range of products and services for the sulfuric industry.

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