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Decarbonizing Industry and the Power Grid

Several trends have emerged to shape the unfolding energy transition. Prioritized by the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, decarbonization has become a global movement. Decarbonization is reducing the amount of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere by limiting the combustion of fossil fuels and capturing or absorbing emissions before they are released into the air. Engaging in decarbonization initiatives has a far-reaching impact, and it is highly consequential in reaching carbon neutral and net zero goals, thus aiding in the effort to lower the global temperature. There are six main technological avenues by which to reduce emissions : renewables, energy efficiency, electrification, hydrogen, fossil fuel (FF) based CO2 capture and storage, and renewable energy-based CO2 removals.

Elessent Clean Technologies has a foothold in each of these areas. Our suite of cutting-edge technologies and products for decarbonization include:

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