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Alkylation, Sulfuric Acid Regeneration, Hydrotreating, Mild Hydrocracking, Flue Gas Scrubbing

Elessent Clean Technologies applies real-world experience, a history of innovation, problem-solving success and strong brands to help organizations operate safely and with the highest level of performance, reliability, energy efficiency and environmental integrity.

The Clean Technologies refinery portfolio includes STRATCO® alkylation technology  for production of low-sulfur, low-Rvp, high-octane gasoline; IsoTherming®hydroprocessing technology for mild hydrocracking and hydrotreating applications; MECS® sulfuric acid production and regeneration technologies; BELCO® air quality control systems for flue gas scrubbing and other refinery scrubbing applications; MECS® DynaWave® technology for sulfur recovery tail gas-treating solutions; and a comprehensive suite of aftermarket services and solutions offerings.

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The refining industry uses our technologies to contend with difficult circumstances regarding environmental compliance, safety, energy efficiency and reliability. From new builds to revamps, our advanced proprietary equipment allows for maximum quality and profitability while minimizing environmental impact. 

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As tail pipe emissions standards tighten and vehicle fuel efficiency standards rise, alkylate plays a critical role in gasoline pool blending. Of the many components comprising the gasoline pool, alkylate provides the most reliable source of low-sulfur, low-Rvp, high-octane blending characteristics.

STRATCO® alkylation technology is the premier sulfuric acid alkylation process on the market today. For a comprehensive solution, the STRATCO® technology is available with the MECS® sulfuric acid regeneration technology.

When you need a cost-effective solution for hydrotreating and mild hydrocracking applications, IsoTherming® hydroprocessing technology provides a commercially proven alternative to conventional trickle bed technology.  Using a liquid-full reactor system, IsoTherming® technology can process a wide range of feedstocks (including kerosene, straight run diesel, DAO, 100% LCO, 100% VGO) while maintaining robust catalyst life and significantly reducing operating costs.

Air Pollution control is an issue affecting refiners worldwide. Reliable SOx, NOx and particulate removal technologies are key to successful refinery operations. The BELCO® wet scrubber is the industry standard on FCC flue gas stacks, ensuring compliance between turnaround cycles of over 5 years. MECS® DynaWave® reverse jet scrubbers have proven benefits in sulfur recovery unit (SRU) tail gas scrubbing applications and removal of H2S from sour gas.

As a complement to the STRATCO® alkylation technology or as a stand-alone sour off-gas recovery option, the MECS® sulfuric acid technology is best-in-class for dry gas processing. The MECS® sulfuric acid regeneration (SAR) technology can produce the high-purity sulfuric acid (99.2%) required in the alkylation process ensuring the highest quality alkylate production. The MECS® sulfuric acid production technology can also be used to capture sour refinery off-gases for conversion into sulfuric acid, a valuable and salable product.

As the world leader in┬ásulfuric acid alkylation,┬áElessent has extensive experience to support your alkylation unit from commissioning and startup through operation decades after startup. Elessent technical services are backed by a global network of engineers, operators and maintenance specialists who stand ready to tackle even the most complex alkylation unit problems.┬áWhether youÔÇÖre considering an alkylation unit revamp or seeking to improve unit reliability or optimize unit operation, our team offers continuing support.┬á

In a petroleum refinery, the hydrocarbon steam reforming system is one of the highest energy-intensive systems. 

MECS┬«┬áOpen Channel Air Preheating (OCAPÔäó) and┬áMECS-ThermoZÔäó┬ágas-to-gas┬áexchangers┬árecover waste heat to preheater combustion air.

Our robust and efficient heat exchange solutions provide significant energy and cost savings when utilized in conjunction with hydrocarbon steam reformers.

Read how the enhanced process design came into being and how its capital and operating costs compare, how DynaWave® technology can be used to control emissions during SRU start-ups how its bypass function benefits emergency shutdowns and startups.