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Elessent Process Technologies

Elessent Clean Technologies has developed hundreds of technologies and processes that help sulfuric acid producers, refiners and other industry professionals to increase productivity, optimize energy usage and improve quality in their facilities and operations while meeting environmental regulations and establishing a competitive advantage. Our experts tailor our industry-proven process technologies to help customer organizations become more efficient and safer and reduce emissions in a cost-effective way. Elessent processes are engineered to perform and built to last, and our specialists can advise which process best suits your site-specific needs.

Our process technology and engineering experts partner with a global network of joint ventures and licensees and work with engineering procurement and construction companies and suppliers to bring you unsurpassed technology and innovative, tailored solutions. To complement its sulfuric acid processes and competencies, we supply world-class gas cleaning products for air pollution control and unique value-added process technologies for oil refineries and non-ferrous metal and chemical industries.

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Operator Training
Programs and
Simulators (OTS)

The MECS® operator training simulator (OTS) is a customizable dynamic sulfuric acid process simulation solution for effective operator training. We combine our technical knowledge, owner/operator experience and world-class safety culture to deliver high-impact training programs to your operators and engineers. 

Personal Development Should Be a Priority

Valuable troubleshooting and response skills are learned in a realistic environment. Currently available for the STRATCO® alkylation technology and MECS® sulfuric acid technology.

Our ongoing research and development efforts are focused on continuing to deliver innovative process technologies that implement breakthrough technologies so that we can deliver solutions to numerous complex processes and benefit our customers and the environment.