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Sulfuric Acid Process

Wet Gas Sulfuric Acid Process

Our distinctive wet gas sulfuric acid recovery plants are highly energy-efficient. Simple, automated technology cleans waste gases, using thermal and catalytic conversion of sulfur-bearing compounds to produce salable, concentrated sulfuric acid.

The SULFOX™ wet gas sulfuric acid process is suitable for a wide range of applications in which wet waste gas, containing H2S, CS2 or SO2, must be desulfurized. Our expert engineers can deliver results for clients in a vast array of sulfuric acid related industries, including metallurgical, general chemical, coal-to-chemicals, natural gas processing, steel (coking), power, viscose fibers, pigments production, refining, petrochemicals and many others.

Our distinctive SULFOX™ wet gas sulfuric acid process is guaranteed to yield low acid mist emissions with zero particles injection using our proven, reliable wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP). SULFOX™ achieves high levels of SO2 conversion with a durable catalyst for wet gas service. The reliability of our process is further enhanced with our robust and low-maintenance plant equipment, including our acid condensation column featuring short horizontal tubes.

MECS® SULFOX™ brings a unique and reliable wet gas acid process to the market to treat sulfur-containing waste gases. Drawing on two centuries of expertise, acquired by MECS, Inc. and Elessent in designing over 1000 sulfuric acid plants worldwide and operating several Elessent sulfuric acid plants in North America, the MECS® SULFOX™ technology offers a reliable and proven wet gas acid plant design. Our engineers can custom-design a SULFOX™ wet gas sulfuric acid plant according to your facility’s feed gas concentrations and requirements, while keeping your investment and operating costs as low as possible. We can supply all critical equipment and supervise installation. We can also provide sulfuric acid operator training for your workforce, as well as commissioning and startup assistance. Our processes and plant designs feature proprietary MECS® technologies, many of which have revolutionized performance, cost controls and quality for the sulfuric acid industry, to deliver a very reliable and proven plant. For applications with a dirty off-gas stream, the very reliable and proven gas cleaning of MECS® DynaWave® Wet Gas Scrubbers technology can further enhance SULFOX™ to maximize plant reliability.

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Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for a wide range of off-gas compositions  
  • Efficient waste heat recovery 
  • Economical alternative with low operating costs compared to Claus (H2S) or scrubbing (SO2
  • No or minimal liquid effluent 
  • Very low cooling water consumption 
  • Simple automated operation, requiring few operators 
  • Very compact modular design, which minimizes field fabrication 
  • Special MECS® catalyst for wet gas applications 
  • Long catalyst operation without screening 
  • Robust and low-maintenance acid condensation column with short horizontal tubes

  • Recovery of salable concentrated sulfuric acid 
  • Recovery of valuable high-pressure steam from concentrated H2S feeds 
  • Guaranteed low acid mist emissions 
  • Low SO2 emissions, custom-designed per local regulations 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Easy and safe equipment inspection and maintenance 
  • Reliable plant operation 

Depending on the source and composition of the feed gas, thermal oxidation with heat recovery, or gas cleaning and preheating, occurs before the sulfur-bearing gas enters the SULFOX™ converter. This converter contains catalyst beds using MECS® catalyst, where the sulfur compounds are oxidized to SO2 and SO3. The SO3 reacts with the water vapor to form gaseous sulfuric acid. The acid condenses in the condensation column, and evaporation of water produces concentrated sulfuric acid that is collected in the sump of the column. Our wet electrostatic mist precipitator (WESP) removes the remaining acid mist. A further reduction of SO2 emissions can be achieved with an additional tail gas treatment, if required, using proven MECS® DynaWave® wet gas scrubbers in some cases.