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MECS® Power and Coal Gasification Industry Off-Gas Treatment Systems


Treatment Solutions for Power Plant Off-gases with Variable SO2 Concentrations

Increasing world power demand coupled with a global trend towards strict emissions regulations has resulted in an increased demand for flue gas desulfurization technologies.

Public electricity and heat production are two of the largest sources of SO2 emissions, with coal-burning power plants being the primary contributors. Legislation has therefore sought to impose emissions restrictions at national level. However, as power and coal gasification plants produce process off-gas with variable concentrations of sulfur dioxide, companies face a number of constraints when seeking out a solution to control potential emissions. MECS®’s SolvR® and SULFOX technologies provide flexible solutions to treat SO2-bearing off-gas in both power and coal gasification plants. For smaller power plants (<300MW) that require high SO2 removal efficiencies, the unique features of the DynaWave® reverse jet scrubber technology with its extremely high on-stream reliability and outstanding ease of operation offer an excellent solution.


Wet Sulfuric Acid Plant – MECS® SULFOX 

MECS® SULFOX wet sulfuric acid plant technology treats the SO2-bearing off-gases, leaving a wet gas cleaning plant using a wet catalytic process that recovers sulfur-containing compounds as commercial-grade concentrated sulfuric acid (96-96%). It is suitable for applications in the power and coal gasification industries where waste gas contains H2S and/or CS2 and/or SO2 and must be desulfurized.

Each SULFOX plant is custom-designed according to feed gas concentration and individual site specifications and is tailored to keep capital expenditure and operation costs as low as possible. The SULFOX process has over 20 years of successful field experience.

SULFOXTM System Consists of:

  • Process gas inlet
  • Reactor
  • Concentration column
  • MECS® heat recovery system HRSTM
  • Wet electrostatic precipitation
  • Acid management
  • Tail gas scrubber

The Benefits for Power and Coal Gasification Plants That Treat Process Off-Gases:  

This technology has been used successfully around the world. The benefits for power and coal gasification plants that treat process off-gases with this method include:

  • Energy-efficient process
  • Simple & flexible
  • Recovers 99.8% of the total sulfur content
  • Produces only concentrated sulfuric acid and cleaned tail gas – no waste- or by-product
  • No use of process water & no production of wastewater
  • No use of chemicals (only lime milk for scrubbing)

Elessent Clean Technologies is one of the few companies to design and manufacture its own sulfuric acid process equipment and technologies including catalystsheat recovery and mist elimination equipment. By combining process technology expertise, materials science and nearly a century of sulfuric acid plant experience, we provide a single point of contact for advanced, proven technology, performance and service.

For further details on MECS® SULFOX, please view our brochure: