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Non-Ferrous Metals Industry
Off-Gas Cleaning and Capturing Solutions

Non-Ferrous MetalsNon-Ferrous Metals Industry Off-Gas Cleaning and Capturing Solutions

Metallurgical technologies use various processes to unbind sulfur components from valuable ores.  This can take place during the roasting or smelting process of sulfidic concentrates. The sulfur components are released in the form of SO2, which cannot be emitted into the atmosphere. If a high enough concentration of SO2 is present, a sulfuric acid plant can serve as the pollution control device and convert SO2 into useful sulfuric acid.

The European Commission Report on Best Available Techniques (BAT) for the Non-Ferrous Metals Industries published in 2017 examines integrated pollution prevention and control. It discussed techniques for off-gas treatment and sets out the benefits of a double absorption sulfuric acid plant in controlling emissions.

MECS® Metallurgical Sulfuric Acid Process Technology

Outstanding Performance

Our solutions for non-ferrous metals installations include:

  • Smelters utilizing conventional and flash furnace technology for copper, nickel, zinc, etc.
  • Roasters and sintering machines for lead, molybdenum, etc

We have provided the sulfuric acid technology and emissions reduction equipment for some of the cleanest copper smelters in the world. 

Many non-ferrous metal producers have benefited from MECS® metallurgical sulfuric acid process and MECS® DynaWave® wet gas scrubbers for fugitive and anode furnace gas technologies and services to achieve cleaner air with greater efficiency.

The advantages of the DynaWave® technology in this application are its ability to provide:  

  • Particulate removal
  • Acid gas removal
  • Quench of the incoming hot gas
  • Sulfite oxidation in the same vessel.┬á

We provide this type of Metallurgical Sulfuric Acid Process Technology for conversion of smelter off-gases to sulfuric acid. Non-ferrous metallurgical sulfuric acid producers are hence relying more on our services to provide solutions that limit emissions while increasing run time and reducing long-term maintenance costs.


Operational Efficiency

Sulfuric Acid Plant Process Critical Equipment Design and Supply

We offer a full suite of alloy products that have been proven to cut the time and cost of shutdowns.┬á Strong┬áacid distributors,┬áfully fabricated┬áZeCor┬«┬átowers, ZeCor┬«┬ápump tanks,┬áZeCor┬«┬ápacking support┬áand┬áZeCor┬«┬ápiping systems┬áall offer customers high performance and low maintenance costs.┬á In addition to supplying the world-leading┬áZeCor┬«┬ámaterial, our world-class engineering team also provides alloy equipment design. ┬áNot all alloy towers are created equally, and our team is the most experienced and best equipped to ensure the latest features are included in all of our designs. From seemingly small details on drawings to multiple grades of ZeCor┬«┬áin a single tower, our experience will make sure that you receive the best design ÔÇô and material ÔÇô possible.

Molybdenum roasters, secondary hood and/or fugitive gases typically do not have a high enough concentration of SO2 to warrant a sulfuric acid plant.  A flue gas desulfurization system, using a DynaWave® wet gas scrubber, is therefore an effective means of meeting clean air requirements. 

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