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Sulfuric Acid Plant Towers and Pump Tanks with MECS® ZeCor® Alloy

Decades of sulfuric acid experience for superior design and higher performance.

Unsurpassed sulfuric acid process knowledge, combined with our exclusive high-performing MECS® ZeCor® alloys, allows us to outperform the industry in the fabrication and operation of corrosion-resistant sulfuric acid plant towers and pump tanks.

Controlling corrosion — in plant towers, pump tanks, and every other piece of sulfuric acid equipment — ranks among the top concerns of every acid plant owner. MECS® ZeCor® towers and pump tanks apply our decades of acid plant experience and technology innovation to solve the issue of corrosion. The strength of our design, combined with our knowledge of materials and demanding quality controls in our fabrication results in the superior performance of our products.

MECS® ZeCor® Alloy Pump Tanks

ZeCor®-Z and ZeCor®-310M towers and pump tanks provide you with the industry benchmark of top quality fabrication for your acid plant.

MECS® ZeCor® Preferred Over Brick Lined Towers

The traditional method of constructing acid towers has been with the use of brick lined carbon steel shells. For years the brick linings were thought to have been the best alternative to preventing corrosion – until the ZeCor® family of alloys was developed.

Lower Costs and Higher Efficiencies

The corrosion-resistant properties of ZeCor® help our clients benefit from lower maintenance costs and higher plant productivity. We use MECS® ZeCor® material to replace traditional brick lining in sulfuric acid plant towers as it offers reduced weight, easier installation, and lower foundation costs. We also employ processes that allow us to decrease tower and pump tank diameters — a big advantage in lowering capital and operational costs.

Our ZeCor® tower and pump tank designs feature MECS® UniFlo® Acid Distributors and Brink® Mist Eliminators to dramatically increase efficiency. In many cases, our towers and pump tanks can be shop-fabricated prior to plant shutdown, and staged on site for insertion as well as tower packing. This ensures minimal plant downtime during installation and a quick turnaround on plant revamps, as well as vastly lower future repair downtime. In fact, thanks to all of their material and fabrication advantages, our ZeCor® alloy vessels deliver many years of safe, trouble-free operation for improved productivity.

Short for Zero Corrosion, our exclusive line of ZeCor® alloys beat sulfuric acid corrosion in a wide range of concentrations, temperatures, and specific applications. When compared to other, lower-performing material choices, the advantages of ZeCor® are clear.

Optimize Your Shutdown

ZeCor® towers can be shop fabricated prior to plant shutdown and staged on-site for insertion of Brink® mist eliminators, UniFlo® acid distributors and tower packing.
ZeCor® alloys are less expensive than other alloys, and comparable in cost to traditional, lower-performing materials, such as cast iron and brick-lined carbon steel. Most importantly, the ZeCor® lifecycle cost is the best available.
We use a proven proprietary welding process with ZeCor® alloy filler. The resulting welds meet ASME Code Section IX standards.
ZeCor® alloys can be easily welded on site by trained plant maintenance staff.

MECS® ZeCor® alloys feature in a number of our tower and pump tank components, including acid distributors, packing support grids, vortex breakers, mesh pads, and more.

Expert Solutions, Customized to Your Needs

Elessent Clean technologies has a long and successful history in providing the latest technology innovations to the sulfuric acid industry. We’re known around the world as premier designers and builders of sulfuric acid plants. Our dedicated staff of specialist engineers can customize solutions that help your organization meet stringent pollution requirements, as well as provide technology to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your plant operations. We can work closely with your organization to design, fabricate and install new or replacement equipment that meets your needs and delivers results, now and in the future.

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