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MECS® ZeCor® Sulfuric Acid Equipment

MaterialsHigh Performance Metals

MECS® ZeCor® corrosion resistant sulfuric acid plant plant equipment help our clients quickly and cost-effectively strengthen weak links. We offer a complete line of ZeCor® fabricated major components and accessories that are available exclusively through Elessent Clean technologies.

MECS® ZeCor® Components

Elessent Clean Technologies developed a full range of advanced MECS® ZeCor® alloys for long lasting, corrosion resistant equipment and replacement parts for sulfuric acid plants. The MECS® ZeCor® was developed to offer superior resistance in a wide range  of sulfuric acid concentrations, temperatures and specific applications. Elessent Clean Technologies offers a complete line of major components and maintenance upgrade accessories fabricated from MECS® ZeCor® alloys, including, outlet sleeves, inlet acid strainers, orifice plates, outlet acid strainers, acid coolers, HRS equipment, nozzle sleeves. These components can be fabricated from any of these high performance metals.

These components can be fabricated from any of these high performance metals, which include ZeCor®-Z, ZeCor®-310M, ZeCor®-310MT, ZeCor®-C, ZeCor®-CL and ZeCor®-CL29. They are available exclusively from Elessent Clean Technologies

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