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MECS® ZeCor® Piping Systems for Sulfuric Acid Plants

Corrosion-Resistant Alloy Piping Systems

MECS® ZeCor®-Z alloys have transformed the economics, safety and reliability of sulfuric acid piping systems. The unique corrosion-resistance ofMECS® ZeCor® alloys ensures our lightweight, smaller pipes not only deliver unprecedented corrosion resistance in fully-welded standard and custom fabrications, but also boost performance and lowering costs. They can be installed quickly and cost-efficiently to upgrade or repair existing sulfuric acid piping systems.

Piping systems rate as one of the top vulnerabilities of sulfuric acid plants. Traditional systems, made of iron, plastic-lined, or merchant-grade stainless steels, often require numerous flange connections. These connections introduce potential leakage points, creating serious safety and environmental risks, not to mention ongoing maintenance costs. 

Elessent Clean Technologies revolutionized sulfuric acid piping systems with the introduction of MECS® ZeCor®-Z, our extremely corrosion-resistant engineered alloy. Exclusively available from Elessent Clean Technologies, MECS® ZeCor®-Z pipes deliver 10 times the corrosion resistance of cast iron systems. Typically, the corrosion rate for ZeCor®-Z is less than 1 mpy (0.025mm/yr) in drying and absorbing tower circuits, depending on concentrations and temperatures. What is more, the lighter weight and fully welded design of our piping systems makes them easier and more cost-effective to install, field-modify, and maintain. Pipes can be pre-spooled and shipped directly to your facility, reducing installation time and costs.

High-Performance, Corrosion-Resistant MECS® ZeCor® Alloys

ZeCor®-Z piping systems require far fewer flange connections than alternative materials. This dramatically reduces acid leaks and greatly diminishes safety and environmental risks. ZeCor®-Z’s high ductility also minimizes the risk of brittle failure. There is less erosion from velocity compared to iron piping, so smaller diameters — available from stock or custom-sized to your project — can be used throughout your facility. Your system footprint shrinks, even as operations become more efficient, with cleaner acid thanks to a dramatic reduction in iron sulfates. The ultra-low corrosion rate and long life of ZeCor®-Z piping can improve plant performance, provide maximum on-stream time, and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, ZeCor®-Z can usually be installed for less than the cost of Teflon®-lined or Alloy 20 piping. Altogether, our ZeCor®-Z piping systems combine the best in process knowledge, materials technology, quality, and fabrication techniques to enhance the safety, reliability, productivity and value of your sulfuric acid plant.