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MECS® ZeCor® Sulfuric Acid
Plant Equipment

MECS® ZeCor® 
Sulfuric Acid Plant Equipment

Our complete line of sulfuric acid plant equipment is fabricated with unique, corrosion-resistant MECS® ZeCor® alloys. We can customize our breakthrough products to your plant applications and help you quickly and cost-effectively to strengthen new or retrofit solutions.

Sulfuric acid plant equipment made with the ZeCor® family of alloys are exclusively available from Elessent Clean Technologies. We deliver superior corrosion resistance in a wide range of sulfuric acid concentrations, temperatures and applications. We specify our unique alloys in a variety of thicknesses to accommodate your specific corrosion requirements and enable quick, cost-effective sulfuric acid plant repairs. We can also retrofit ZeCor® products into brick-lined carbon steel vessels or other conventional application equipment, upgrading your sulfuric acid plant equipment to boost performance and eliminate weak links.

Made with Corrosion-Resistant MECS® ZeCor® Alloys
to Boost Performance and Savings

Advanced MECS® ZeCor® Alloys

High-Performance, Corrosion-Resistant MECS® ZeCor® Alloys

Our process knowledge and experience, combined with our uniquely corrosion-resistant ZeCor® alloys, allows us to deliver high-performing and cost-effective sulfuric acid plant equipment including towers and pump tanksUniFlo® acid distributors and piping systems and fittings.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

ZeCor® alloys are light-weight and can be easily handled and welded on site by trained plant maintenance personnel, improving safety and reducing installation and maintenance time and costs.

Proven Welding Process

Elessent Clean Technologies use a proprietary welding process with ZeCor® alloy filler. The resulting welds meet ASME code section IX and maintain full corrosion-resistant properties throughout.

A Lower-Cost Alloy

ZeCor® alloys are less expensive than other alloys, and comparable in cost with traditional, lower-performing materials, such as cast iron and brick-lined carbon steel. Most importantly, this alloy’s lifecycle costs are the best available. Find out more about the performance benefits of ZeCor® alloys.

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