Sulfuric Acid Heat Recovery System (HRS)™ Technology

Sulfuric Acid
Heat Recovery Systems Technology


With 90 references worldwide and nearly 30 years of proven operation, MECS® HRS™ technology for sulfuric acid plants is world leading. The Elessent Clean Technologies flexible and comprehensive suite of HRS™ technology has delivered results that not only recover energy, but also lower corrosion and minimize mist generation in several industries including the fertilizer, copper, pyrite, nickel, and chemical industries.

We offer multiple configurations to ensure our HRS™ design can be tailored to particular plant needs.  MECS® HRS™ can be designed to produce steam as low as four barg and as high as 10 barg.  We can also customize the plant configuration to superheat HRS™ as part of an overall strategy to maximize power production. HRS™ systems can furthermore be designed with MECS® steam injection technology, an exciting energy upgrade that has been included in 62 of our 90 references.  Steam injection improves energy recovery, minimizes corrosion, and reduces the vibration in the HRS™ diluter. 

MECS® Technologies

Long Term MECS® HRS™ Success at Two Lions

The Heat Recovery Process

The MECS® HRS™ technology uses the heat of absorption and dilution to generate steam instead of rejecting the heat and sending it to the cooling tower. The process is based on the fact that certain special alloys withstand sulfuric acid at higher temperatures when the acid strength is maintained. The HRS™ is therefore designed to operate in a narrow band of concentration and temperature without limiting plant performance.

It absorbs SO3 from the gas stream and recovers the heat of the absorption process as low-pressure steam. In a first stage, the system recovers the heat produced as a result of the sulfuric acid formation. In a second stage, the residual SO3 and sulfuric acid vapor is eliminated and the remaining heat of formation and condensation of sulfuric acid vapor, as well as the heat from cooling the process gas is removed.

The Heat Recovery process

Elessent Clean Technologies also offers a complete suite of replacement HRS™ equipment and materials.  You can count on Elessent Clean Technologies for all of your energy recovery needs. From HRS™ towers to distributors, from preheaters to heaters, and from boilers to diluters, we provide end-to-end solutions designed to deliver payback through recoverable energy and dependable, low-maintenance performance.