MECS® Brink® Mesh Pads and Impaction Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators

MECS® Brink® Impaction Fiber Bed
Mist Eliminators
for Sulfuric Acid Plants


Designed for the efficient removal of large liquid droplets from process gas streams in the sulfuric acid industry and in numerous other industry applications. Our range of Brink® impaction fiber bed mist eliminator products is engineered to meet the most challenging requirements. From increasing operating time between turnarounds to ease of maintenance and equipment protection, our Brink® Impaction Fiber bed products deliver high collection efficiency and efficient operating and maintenance costs.   

CS-Cost Saver

This mesh mist eliminator is packed with a glass fiber mat collecting layer and a metal alloy mesh re-entrainment control layer on the downstream side (outside). One advantage of CS products is their ease of maintenance and removal compared to conventional mesh pads. 


Used in the drying towers of sulfur burning and spent acid plants where the outer metal mesh layer is typically alloy 20. The CS-IP impaction fiber bed mist eliminator used in the drying tower usually needs to be washed about once per year due to sulfates building in the filter. While this maintenance results in plant downtime, removing the acid mist and solids with the CS helps protect downstream equipment such as suction blower and the first pass catalyst. 


Used in low velocity absorption towers of any sulfuric acid plant where the quantity of sub-micron mist formed is reduced, and where the gas volume does not fluctuate below 80% of design. The CS-IIP, like the CS-IP, uses a glass mat to collect the particles. The CS-IIP includes a 310 stainless steel mesh re-entrainment layer. 


An innovative technology to increase the operating time between washings of drying tower elements and extends the plant operating time between turnarounds. CK-Co-Knit uses alloy 20 wire mesh with acid resistant glass fiber knitted into the mesh to create a more open packing structure. A metal alloy mesh re-entrainment control layer is included on the downstream side (outside). 

MECS® Brink® TowerGARD® Mesh Pads for Sulfuric Acid Plants


The distinctive design and materials of MECS® Brink® TowerGARD® mesh pads enable turndown ratios of 50% or more for sulfuric acid plants, and significantly improve corrosion resistance compared to conventional mesh pads. 

TowerGARD® Mesh Pad Performance

Fine mist created by mechanical shearing forces through tower packing can pass through conventional mesh pads and cause downstream corrosion of valuable equipment. TowerGARD® mesh pads capture, collect and return the acid mist to the tower. TowerGARD® systems made with co-knit fibers provide larger surface areas for the capture of slower and smaller droplets. These systems outperform conventional mesh pads and are capable of handling turndown ratios of 50% or more. 

TowerGARD® Mesh Pad Performance

Produced with ZeCor®-Z Corrosion Resistant Materials

Sulfuric acid plants using mesh pads in absorbing tower or drying tower service have long been plagued by the relatively short life of stainless steel, alloy 20 or even Teflon® mesh pads. Many plants replace such pads every two or three years and in some cases every year. The best corrosion-resistant alloy ever produced for protection against sulfuric acid is ZeCor®-Z. Only MECS can incorporate this material into TowerGARD® mesh pads. 

Produced with ZeCor®-Z Corrosion Resistant Materials

World-Leading Sulfuric Acid Plant Mist Elimination


MECS® TowerGARD® mesh pads and Brink® mist eliminator systems are all backed by the most experienced team of engineers and the most technically advanced research tools in the submicron aerosol mist collection industry. Since the first MECS® Brink® fiber bed mist eliminator  was developed in 1958, we have set the standard for providing the widest range of mist elimination solutions to meet diverse needs. As the world leaders in the design and construction of sulfuric acid plants, our engineers have in-depth knowledge of industrial gas inlet conditions, fiber bed design, and materials of construction and corrosion resistance. Our experts can analyze and recommend the right Brink® solution for even the most difficult sulfuric acid mist elimination projects. We can customize a solution for your organization to achieve the highest performance, lowest pressure drop, and longest lifecycle available, with lower plant maintenance and operating costs. 

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