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From the very first development and invention of Brink® fiber bed mist eliminators by Dr. Joe Brink in 1958 to today, MECS, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Elessent Clean Technologies, has offered the widest variety of technology-based mist elimination products in the world for the effective removal of sub-micron mist particles from gas streams. Using extensive experience in industrial gas inlet conditions, fiber bed design, materials of construction and corrosion resistance, we can optimize the mist eliminator design to suit individual plant requirements and achieve the highest efficiencies in emission control, lowest pressure drop and longest effective life while balancing cost and benefits in today’s cautious economic conditions.

MECS® engineers work closely with our customers to determine the Brink® mist eliminator product that best meets their needs. The Brink® design solution will ensure a mist eliminator product that provides high performance in removing submicron-mist particles that cause visible emissions, while reducing maintenance costs, and many times increasing plant profitability with production enhancements via process de-bottlenecking.

Ensure compliance with air quality standards and emissions regulations while protecting your equipment from corrosion, your product from contamination and your heat exchangers and catalysts from fouling by selecting an MECS® Brink® fiber bed mist eliminator that addresses your specific requirements.

MECS® Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator



Brownian Diffusion Fiber Bed Solutions
Brownian Diffusion Fiber Bed Solutions
MECS® Brink® Brownian diffusion fiber bed mist eliminators have been used in thousands of installations worldwide, from sulfuric acid to chlorine production.
Mist Eliminator Package Systems
Mist Eliminator Package Systems
MECS® Brink® mist eliminator package systems engineered for the efficient removal of particulates and mist from blue haze, visible plumes and control of other emissions
Mesh Pads and Impaction Solutions
Mesh Pads and Impaction Solutions
MECS® Brink® impaction fiber bed mist eliminators and mesh pads are designed for the efficient removal of large liquid droplets from process gas streams.
Ammonium Nitrate and Nitric Acid Solutions
Ammonium Nitrate and Nitric Acid Solutions
MECS® Brink® mist eliminators have been used in Ammonium Nitrate (AN) prill towers worldwide for over 40 years to help control soluble particulate emissions at AN plants.

MECS® Brink® Fiber Bed Mist Eliminator Benefits


MECS® Brink® mist eliminators are backed by the most experienced and technically advanced staff of engineers and research tools in the esoteric world of sub-micron aerosol mist collection. By choosing Brink® mist eliminators, you benefit from these people and technology services by providing your community with clean air and stack opacity control for a healthier environment. And your plant saves money while using less energy to achieve high mist collection efficiency with low pressure drop. These parameters are optimized by us for the best value while balancing cost and performance.


MECS® Brink® fiber bed mist eliminators can also be retrofitted and/or used for de-bottlenecking. They will allow plants to achieve more capacity or lower pressure drop.

Concentric Elements
  • Increases element surface area without requiring tubesheet modification
  • Lowers pressure drop or increases flow capacity
  • Available in all element types 
Small Diameter Beds
  • Increases in flow area without increasing vessel size
  • Lowers pressure drop or increases flow capacity
  • Lighter elements are easier to handle
  • Fewer attachment points required 
Quad Beds
  • Retrofitting increases area with conventional bolting
  • Lowers pressure drop or increases flow capacity
  • Easy to repack 

Brink® Diffusion Fiber Bed Mist Eliminators for All Industries

See how Elessent Clean technologies can help the sulfuric acid producers with MECS® Brink® diffusion fiber bed mist eliminators.

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