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Elessent Clean Fuels Portfolio

December 31, 2022

MECS® Sulfuric Acid OTS (Operator Training Simulator)

MECS® Technical Services for Sulfuric Acid Plants

MECS® PeGASyS™ Portable Gas Analysis System

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DynaWave® Scrubber for SRU (Sulfur Recovery Unit)

MECS® HexPro™ Ferrules for Waste Heat Boilers and Heat Exchangers in Sulfuric Acid Plants

MECS® HexWall™ Sulfuric Acid Plant Sulfur Burners & Spent Acid Recovery Furnaces

MECS® VectorWall™ Mixing Systems for Sulfuric Acid Plant Reaction Furnaces

MECS® Hybrid MonPlex II™ Cold Interpass Heat Exchanger

MECS® MonPlex II™ Gas-To-Gas Welded Plate Heat Exchangers

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