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Hydrogen Safety in Sulphuric Acid Plants

Safety in sulphuric acid plants is a well-known and widely discussed topic. Industry turnover is a reality, and keeping new employees informed of hydrogen safety procedures is key to keeping plants fully operational and
incident free. Walter Weiss of Elessent Clean Technologies discusses the steps facilities need to take to prevent hydrogen incidents.

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DuPont Clean Technologies Avon Plant Awarded American Chemistry Councilā€™s Responsible CareĀ® Certificate Of Excellence

WILMINGTON, Del. ā€“ The DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) Avon plant in Martinez, CA, has been awarded the American Chemistry Councilā€™s (ACC) Responsible CareĀ® Certificate of Excellence in recognition of its prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses in 2019. The site manufactures MECSĀ® catalyst for the sulfuric acid industry which has been in production at this site since 1970.

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