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Year: 2021


ioneer Awards Sulphuric Acid Plant Contract to DuPont Clean Technologies

ioneer Ltd (ā€˜ioneerā€™ or ā€˜the Companyā€™) (ASX: INR), an emerging lithium-boron supplier, is pleased to announce it has awarded DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) a contract for the license, engineering, and supply of proprietary equipment for the planned sulphuric acid plant (Plant)…

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PVS Chemicals Belgium N.V. Produces Carbon-Free Energy and Improves Capacity

PVS Chemicals Belgium recently marked its one-year anniversary producing sulfuric acid using upgraded SO2 conversion and heat recovery systems. In February of 2021, the companyā€™s sulfuric acid operation started up with a new four-pass converter and steam generation equipment. Since that…

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DuPont Clean Technologies Increases Global MECSĀ® Catalyst Prices

WILMINGTON, Del., Aug 3, 2021 ā€“ DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) has announced a global price increase of $0.30 / liter for its MECSĀ® sulfuric acid catalyst products. Subject to the terms of applicable contracts, the new pricing will take effect immediately. The sulfuric acid industry has been relying on high-performance MECSĀ® Catalyst products since 1915 to convert sulfur dioxide (SO2) to sulfuric trioxide (SO3) reliably and economically. As a world leader in sulfuric acid process technologies and catalyst production, DuPont supports the sulfuric acid producers around the world with high-quality catalysts that boost plant capacity, improve efficiency and, at the same time, reduce SO2 emissions.

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Hengli Petrochemical Company Successfully Starts up New Alkylation Unit Designed by DuPont Clean Technologies

WILMINGTON, Del ā€“ DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) is pleased to announce the successful startup and performance test of a 300 KMTA STRATCOĀ® alkylation unit licensed by DuPont at the Hengli Petrochemical Company (Hengli) new refinery complex, Changxing Island Harbor Industrial Zone, China.

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DuPont Clean Technologies Avon Plant Awarded American Chemistry Councilā€™s Responsible CareĀ® Certificate Of Excellence

WILMINGTON, Del. ā€“ The DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) Avon plant in Martinez, CA, has been awarded the American Chemistry Councilā€™s (ACC) Responsible CareĀ® Certificate of Excellence in recognition of its prevention of occupational injuries and illnesses in 2019. The site manufactures MECSĀ® catalyst for the sulfuric acid industry which has been in production at this site since 1970.

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CNOOC Successfully Completes Performance Test for DuPont IsoThermingĀ® Hydrotreating Unit

WILMINGTON, Del., DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) is pleased to announce that an IsoThermingĀ® hydrotreating unit installed at the CNOOC Huizhou Refinery in Guangdong Province, China has successfully completed its performance test, certifying that the unit is meeting performance guarantees. The IsoThermingĀ® VGO hydrotreater at CNOOC is designed to process 51,419 bpsd (2,600 kmta) of a vacuum gasoil feedstock as feed for the FCC unit. The IsoThermingĀ® hydrotreater was designed for output of <1000 wppm sulfur and <600 wppm nitrogen.

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Sinopec Qilu Successfully Starts Up DuPontā„¢ STRATCOĀ® Alkylation Technology

WILMINGTON, Del. ā€“ DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) is pleased to announce that the STRATCOĀ® alkylation unit at the Sinopec Qilu refinery in Zibo, Shandong Province, China, successfully completed the performance test, certifying that the unit is meeting required performance guarantees. The STRATCOĀ® alkylation unit at Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec Qilu) is designed to produce 400 kmta (10,300 BPSD) of alkylate product from a MTBE raffinate feedstock and enables production of lowsulfur, high-octane, low-Rvp alkylate with zero olefins that meets the criteria of the China V standard.

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Sinopec Successfully Starts Up Two Additional DuPont STRATCOĀ® Alkylation Technology Units

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Elessent Clean Technologies is a global leader in process technologies to drive sustainability and carbon neutrality in the metals, fertilizer, chemicals and oil refining industries.

From metals, fertilizer to refining, chemicals, and beyondā€¦our mission is to deliver the technology and tailored solutions our customers need to more efficiently produce cleaner products for the world. From the production of carbonless energy to the production of sulfuric acid for the metals and fertilizer industries, and from removal of sulfur from refined oil products to air pollution control, Elessent creates clean alternatives to traditional industrial processes to minimize the impact on the environment while enabling our customers to produce essential elements critical to everyday life.

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Sinopec Successfully Starts Up Two DuPontā„¢ StratcoĀ® Alkylation Technology Units

WILMINGTON, Del., ā€“ DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) is pleased to announce successful performance tests for the STRATCOĀ® alkylation units at the Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company (ZRCC) refinery in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China and the Yangzi Company (YPC) refinery in Nianjing, Jiangsu, China. These
performance tests certify the STRATCOĀ® alkylation units are meeting performance guarantees. The ZRCC and YPC STRATCOĀ® alkylation units both process MTBE raffinate feeds and are designed to produce 7,700 bpsd (300 kmta) and 7,500 bpsd (300 kmta) of alkylate, respectively.

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North Huajin Refining and Petrochemical Company, Ltd. contracts DuPont Clean Technologies for IsoThermingĀ® Hydroprocessing Technology

WILMINGTON, Del., North Huajin Refining and Petrochemical Company, LTD. (North Huajin) has signed contracts with Refining Technology Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of DuPont Clean Technologies(DuPont) for the license, basic engineering, and technical services for a new combined IsoThermingĀ® kerosene/diesel hydrotreater (KDHT). The grassroots hydrotreater is one of many units included as part of the greenfield fully integrated refining and petrochemical complex that will be located in Liaodong Bay New Area, Panjin, Liaoning Province, China. North Huajin commissioned DuPont for an IsoThermingĀ® KDHT unit with a nameplate capacity of 1,600 kmta (37,000 bpd), capable of producing fuels compliant with both Jet 3 fuel standard and China VI diesel.

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