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Ribbed Ring Catalyst

XLP-310: the Next-Generation MECS® Ribbed Ring Catalyst

For nearly twenty years, XLP-110 has proven itself to be the workhorse catalyst of the sulfuric acid industry. The newest MECS® ribbed ring catalyst, XLP-310, builds upon the proven, always reliable XLP-110 technology and provides even higher levels of conversion, further enhancing the versatility and value of the XLP catalyst portfolio already trusted by so many sulfuric acid plants worldwide.

The new MECS® XLP-310 catalyst is an excellent choice for acid plant converter upgrades, and especially where conversion may be maxed out and can eliminate the need for more expensive cesium catalyst. Thanks to its advanced formulation and higher activity, XLP-310 gives your plant the flexibility to either increase conversion and reduce SO2 emissions or reduce revamp costs by utilizing a smaller quantity of catalyst at a fixed SO2 emission level. As an added benefit, XLP-310 and XLP-110 share a common shape. Therefore, they can be easily interchanged, with no impact on pressure drop.

The Perfect Choice for Plant Upgrades and Converter Revamps 

MECS® XLP-310 Advantages

  •  Excellent value for increase in conversion afforded
  • Low SO2 emissions and reliable acid production
  • Maximizes performance of lower converter passes
  • Same shape as commercially proven XLP-110
  • Low screening losses demonstrated in field trials
  • Ribbed ring shape delivers low pressure drop
  • XLP catalyst continuously in service since 2003

After several years of reliable performance using MECS® XLP-110, a field demonstration case was conducted in a large, world-class sulfuric acid plant where MECS® XLP-310 was installed in converter passes 3 and 4 in addition to an XLP mix in pass 2.

MECS® PeGASyS showed that overall conversion increased from 99.5% to 99.8%. Due in large part to the MECS® catalyst upgrades, the capacity at the plant increased by 12% while SO2 emissions declined by 60% during this multi-year time period.

Field Performance Demonstrates Impressive Results 

MECS® XLP-310 Cumulative Conversion Results

PeGASyS test is a comprehensive examination of the gas side of a sulfuric acid plant using a portable gas chromatograph and proprietary diagnostic software. By acquiring data at different points in the process, PeGASyS™ can identify the following conditions specific to converter and catalyst performance:

  • Pressure drop through catalyst beds
  • Quantification of catalyst effectiveness
  • Overall bed conversion efficiency
  • Overall SO2 emissions
  • Recommended screening of catalyst for optimal results

To determine which of the MECS® XLP-310 attributes and advantages can work best for your plant, please contact your local representative to schedule a PeGASyS™ test today.

For further information on MECS® XLP-310 catalyst, please see our brochure. 

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