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MECS® PeGASyS™ For Accurate Gas Analysis in Sulfuric Acid Plants

MECS® PeGASyS™ — The Industry’s only Gas Chromatography Based Diagnostic System

MECS® Diagnostic and Catalyst Services

With extensive experience in sulfuric acid plant design and troubleshooting experience, Elessent Clean Technologies is uniquely situated to offer customers MECS® PeGASyS™ (Portable Gas Sampling and Analysis), a state-of-the-art tool that combines hands-on practical engineering experience with proprietary simulation software to troubleshoot and optimize sulfuric acid converter and catalyst operations.

The system includes a portable gas chromatograph, carrier and calibration gases, sample syringes and all the necessary supplemental equipment needed to operate the system safely and effectively. MECS® technicians travel to customer sites to set up the equipment, collect the gas samples and analyze the samples at the plant using a portable gas chromatograph that determines the concentration of SOand O2 in the gas sample.  Unlike other test methods that use infrared analyzers or Reich tests, PeGASyS™ uses proprietary simulation software and a custom-designed gas chromatograph to generate operational insights based on the data collected.


MECS® PeGASyS™ Expected Results

A PeGASyS™ test is an all-encompassing analysis of the gas side of a sulfuric acid plant. By acquiring data at many different points in the process, PeGASyS™ can reach the following conclusions:

  • Quantification of heat exchanger leak
  • Pressure drop through catalyst bed
  • Calibration of plant analyzers & indicators
  • Recommended screening of catalyst
  • Quantification of catalyst effectiveness
  • Quality of operating process
  • Overall bed conversion efficiency conditions
  • Overall bed conversion efficiency


  • Reduced SO2 emissions
  • Increased production
  • Improved converter performance
  • Optimized maintenance planning
  • Detection of heat exchanger leaks

Further details about the insights the PeGASyS™ can offer sulfuric acid plant operators can be found in the PeGASyS™ brochure.


Test Timing and Duration

Customers should allow at least two months: lead time before the desired testing date to ensure technician availability and avoid scheduling conflicts. For best results, plants should be operating at design capacity during PeGASyS™ testing. The technician will arrive on-site the day before scheduled testing in order to set up and calibrate the equipment. Collecting samples and analyzing data take at least one full day for each plant tested. After all data has been acquired, a complete analysis of the data is performed using proprietary design and simulation programs to analyze the current operation of the sulfuric acid plant. As a result of the thorough investigation, customers can expect to receive a detailed report with recommendations to optimize the performance of their plant.

Request an MECS® PeGASyS™ Test

PeGASyS™ technical service is offered throughout the world. To book a PeGASyS™ test, please contact us or reach out to your MECS® representative, sales agent or catalyst engineer.

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