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Technical Support to Maximize
MECS® Catalyst and Converter Performance

Maximize Catalyst and Converter Performance With
MECS® Technical Support

Elessent Clean Technologies provides customer/technical support for MECS® sulfuric acid catalyst and converters around the world. Our sulfuric acid catalyst and converter customers can call on us for a range of technical support services to analyze and improve catalyst and converter performance. Building on decades of experience in the sulfuric acid industry, our state-of-the-art laboratories, analysis systems, practical engineering expertise, proprietary simulation software and highly skilled engineers work together to boost your plant performance.

Sample Analysis

We provide a thorough laboratory analysis of installed catalyst. This analysis determines catalyst activity and catalyst hardness. The analysis is used to track catalyst history and allows for the monitoring and forecasting of catalyst needs.

Optimization Studies

In addition to offering a proprietary design program to optimize catalyst requirements, we can provide catalyst engineering studies for a more in-depth review of the overall process at customer sites. This service is an integral part of the total MECS® catalyst package. Our decades of sulfuric acid catalyst experience and know-how can help you to maximize plant productivity. Production, emissions control, energy recovery, yields, on-stream time and reliability are among the critical areas we can analyze and optimize.  We can provide catalyst designs for greenfield plants, plant redesigns and maintenance/replacement. Our catalyst designs are unique to each plant site and take into account individual requirements and limitations. Our expertise encompasses environmental studies, plant capacity increase studies and simulation/modeling of plant date. Typical catalyst designs include recommendations for converter size and catalyst loadings and types, as well as optimal operating temperatures. 

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Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Services

We have the industry’s only gas chromatography based system for troubleshooting and optimizing the performance of sulfuric acid converters and catalysts, MECS® PeGASyS. This portable gas analysis system uses gas samples and converter-heat exchanger test readings taken on site by MECS® technicians to assess plant operations performance. When used in combination with our proprietary computer simulation program SO2OPT, this analytical data allows us to gain comprehensive insight into plant performance, which is set out in a detailed report supplied to the customer. MECS® PeGASyS™ includes:

  • Upfront study
  • Onsite gas analysis
  • Catalyst analysis

The PeGASyS™ technical service is available worldwide. For more information, see the PeGASyS brochure, or to book a PeGASyS™ test, please contact us or reach out to your MECS® representative, sales agent or catalyst engineer.

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