Super GEAR™
MECS® hexa-lobed catalyst

The next generation
MECS® hexa-lobed catalyst

Elessent Clean Technologies’ commitment to sulfuric acid research and innovation has resulted in a high performance MECS® catalyst that produces lower SO2 emissions with increased production rates while providing energy savings and longer production cycles.

A breakthrough technology

Elessent Clean Technologies introduced GEAR® catalyst technology to the sulfuric acid industry in 2011. GEAR® catalyst (Geometrically optimized with Enhanced surface area, improved Activity, and Reduced pressure drop) provides sulfuric acid plants with multiple benefits, thanks to its advanced formulation and unique undulating lobes which maximize effectiveness. When compared to a generic ribbed ring catalyst, GEAR® has better dust distribution throughout the full height of the catalyst bed. The benefit to the acid plant is the lower pressure drop buildup over time which extends bed life, reducing converter maintenance costs.

Comparison of dust distribution in catalyst beds after three years of operation

Comparison of dust distribution in catalyst beds after three years of operation

Shape optimization of GEAR®

When developing GEAR®, and ultimately Super GEAR™, the MECS® catalyst research team demonstrated that shape optimization could significantly improve the effectiveness of ribbed ring catalyst. A side by side simulation of the concentration gradient of SO2, as it diffuses and subsequently reacts in a ribbed ring and GEAR® catalyst, shows the improved rate of reaction of SO2 within GEAR®. As can be seen, SO2 concentration is higher at the surface of GEAR® catalyst, demonstrating an increased rate of migration of SO2 into the body of the catalyst thereby increasing overall activity. When the ribbed ring shape is transformed into the more effective GEAR® shape and is combined with a superior formulation, Super GEAR® emerges.

Ribbed ring and hexa-lobe ring catalyst cross sections at 475°C and 11.0% SO2

 Ribbed ring and hexa-lobe ring catalyst cross sections at 475°C and 11.0% SO2

What makes
MECS® Super GEAR™ so super?

Highest activity

The advanced formulation of Super GEAR™ and unique hexa-lobed ring shape combine to elevate the catalyst activity compared to conventional ribbed-ring shaped catalyst.

Achieve higher levels of conversion with the same amount of catalyst or the same conversion rate with less catalyst

Increased capacity, reduced emissions and capital cost

MECS® Super GEAR™ can lower emissions or increase capacity. Sulfuric acid plants now have the choice of reducing stack emissions, increasing sulfuric acid production, or both.

On new plant builds, converter size can be significantly reduced, resulting in lower capital costs.

R&D leadership and innovation

MECS® catalyst Research and Development has introduced many catalyst innovations to the sulfuric acid industry over the past 90 + years and as a result is today regarded as one of the foremost catalyst innovators in the world. Our staff of scientists and engineers continually work to deliver innovative and successful catalytic process solutions. Breakthrough catalyst technologies such as the new MECS® Super GEAR™ will address emissions, production and energy issues and further enable sulfuric acid plants to operate at peak environmental levels while serving stakeholder needs.

To determine the MECS® Super GEAR™ attributes that can work best for your plant, PeGASyS technical service is key. A PeGASyS test collects data at many different points in the process and allows for a thorough analysis of the gas side of the sulfuric acid plant. Contact your MECS® catalyst engineer and schedule a PeGASyS test today.

For further information on MECS® Super GEAR™ catalyst, please see our brochure.