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MECS® Cesium Catalyst for Lowest Emissions and Faster Plant Startups

MECS® Cesium Catalyst – Options for Every High-Performance Need

The MECS® cesium catalyst range is formulated to enable low plant stack emissions and lower ignition temperatures for faster sulfuric acid plant startup. Instead of the standard vanadium catalyst formulation with potassium promoter, this catalyst contains the more active cesium as promoter to activate the catalyst at lower temperatures.

Dust Handling + Cesium Only Available With MECS® GR-Cs

Available for use in all passes, GR-Cs is exceptionally well suited for pass 1, where the superb dust handling capability of the hexa-lobed ring shape combined with the low temperature activity of a cesium catalyst is an invaluable combination. This new catalyst allows for higher conversion and/or faster startups while ensuring extended operating time. By expanding the GEAR® family of products to include a cesium catalyst, GR–Cs, we can now offer sulfuric acid plant converters operating with lower bed inlet temperatures the opportunity to upgrade to GEAR® cesium catalyst for energy savings and excellent dust handling.

New & Improved Super Cesium Catalyst

MECS® SCX-2000 is used to increase sulfuric acid production at low or reduced SOemission levels and offers the highest conversion rate of any MECS® catalyst. SCX-2000 is designed to provide superior conversion in lower pass converter applications, with or without interpass absorption. The MECS® super cesium catalyst is significantly more active than conventional potassium-promoted vanadium catalyst and can operate at temperatures as low as 385 °C (725 °F). By taking advantage of the low temperature properties of this catalyst, plant SO2 emissions can be significantly reduced while maintaining the desired acid production rate.

SCX-2000 is also ideally suited for lowering SO2 emissions in volume-limited passes. Alternately, by utilizing SCX-2000, sulfuric acid production can be increased by raising converter gas strength and/or gas flow rate, while SO2 emissions are maintained or reduced.

MECS® Super Cesium Catalyst

Read about performance of the MECS® super cesium catalyst in application.

Cesium Catalyst – XCs-120

XCS-120 catalyst is designed for both upper and lower pass applications where optimal conversion with conventional catalyst is not possible. The low temperature activation feature of this catalyst is invaluable for plants with fluctuating gas conditions or heat exchanger limitations where bed inlet temperatures are periodically or consistently too low for conventional catalyst to light off effectively. In addition, installation of XCs-120 catalyst can also offer faster plant startups due to lower ignition temperatures. Bed outlet temperature can be moderated by utilizing a lower inlet temperature in conjunction with cesium catalyst. Additionally, XCs-120 can reduce the overall SO2 emissions or increase sulfuric acid production compared to conventional potassium-promoted vanadium catalysts.

XCs-120 is designed for the harsh environment in upper beds while providing the versatility of a cesium-promoted formulation. The ribbed ring shape provides optimal dust management leading to long operating periods and minimum bed pressure drop.

ExpertsThe Experience and Technical Expertise You Need

Our catalyst and process specialists will help you specify the best MECS® catalyst products to optimize throughput, energy efficiency and reliability for your converter passes. It all adds up. We have the extensive technical expertise, proven high-performance catalyst and overall sulfuric acid plant production knowledge to maximize value for your specific application.

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