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MECS® GEAR® Series Catalyst for Maximized Performance and Run Life

MECS® GEAR® Series Catalyst


Lower SO2 Emissions, Increased Acid Production

The MECS® GEAR® (Geometrical optimization – Enhanced surface area – Activity improvement – Reduced pressure drop) series is the newest catalyst for high-velocity converters in sulfuric acid plants from Elessent Clean Technologies. The enhanced surface area of GEAR® catalysts increases accessibility of the active sites, improving the effectiveness of each catalyst ring. An advanced formulation and unique hexa-lobed ring shape combine to elevate activity levels compared to ribbed ring-shaped catalysts. This improved activity increases SO2 to SOconversion, giving sulfuric acid plants the choice of reducing stack SOemissions, increasing sulfuric acid production or both.

Energy Savings

Optimization of the MECS® GEAR® catalyst shape results in a lower pressure drop catalyst. This reduced pressure drop translates into energy savings for new or existing sulfuric acid plants at initial startup and throughout the production campaign. Additionally, in a new plant design, the lower pressure drop allows for smaller converters, lowering initial capital cost.

Extended Operating Time

The innovative hexa-lobed ring shape of the MECS® GEAR® catalyst improves dust handling. Given the same dust loading, pressure drop rises more slowly over time with the GEAR® catalyst compared to the ribbed ring alternative. Since main compressor capacity can limit operating time between catalyst screenings, slower evolution of pressure drop translates into more acid production and longer time between required turnarounds.

Custom Diagnostic Designs

The MECS® GEAR® catalyst affords new design options, each with unique benefits. For the lowest pressure drop and maximum extension in the production cycle, GR-330 can be used throughout the converter. A design with only GR-310 provides the highest conversion performance as well as a longer production cycle. A combination of GR-330 and GR-310 will result in significantly improved conversion, reduced pressure drop and an extended production cycle. The MECS® GEAR® catalysts have been designed for use in ALL converter passes.

Summary of MECS® GEAR® Catalyst Benefits

  • Reduced volumes = smaller converter = lower capital cost
  • Up to 25% lower emissions
  • Up to 15% increase in plant capacity

The Experience and Technical Expertise You Need

Our catalyst and process specialists will help you specify the best MECS® catalyst products for your converter design to optimize throughput, energy efficiency and reliability for your converter passes. It all adds up. We have the comprehensive technical expertise, proven high-performance catalyst and overall sulfuric acid plant production knowledge to maximize value for your specific application.

Learn more about the performance benefits of MECS® GEAR® catalysts here and learn more about the latest MECS advanced catalysts here.

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