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LoTOx™ Process for NOx Control with BELCO® Wet Scrubbing

LoTOx NOx Control

Achieving regulatory compliance for NOx, SOx and particulates emissions on a continuous basis has never been so simple.

The BELCO® multi-pollutant control solution offers NOx, SOx and particulate emissions removal in a single upflow BELCO® scrubber with integrated LoTOx™ process. This wet scrubbing based NOx reduction technology provides greater than 95% NOx reduction without the limitations or process and mechanical problems common to most Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems. As a result, refiners can achieve NOx, SOx and particulates emission targets at a lower cost, with higher reliability on less space and with greater flexibility than ever before. With extensive industry experience working on a wide range of different fuel types, we are familiar with the issues they present and can adapt the LoTOx™  NOx control technology to suit your needs and ensure your plant meets its clean air targets.

The LoTOx™ process is applied as part of a BELCO® wet scrubbing system, allowing for a truly integrated, multi-pollutant reduction solution. NOx compounds are oxidized at a low temperature using ozone and converted to soluble compounds that are easily removed from the flue gas by the same liquid-gas contact that removes particulate and SOx. This process is well suited to the demanding requirements of FCCU applications. The unique BELCO® spray tower design and specialized spray nozzles provide the right conditions for the effective use of the LoTOx™ process. A droplet-free zone and open tower design provide high reduction efficiency without the risk of plugging. The entire system is engineered to ensure trouble-free handling of process upsets, long operating campaigns, temperature excursions, boiler bypass and pollutant inlet loading fluctuations.

Long lasting experience

Elessent Clean technologies has provided over 60 LoTOx™ systems for refinery scrubbers. The process is well suited for meeting the demanding requirements of FCCU applications. BELCO® wet scrubbing systems can easily be configured to incorporate a LoTOx™ process. This advanced system has proven its reliability over many years of operation. Elessent offers the LoTOx™ process for refinery FCCU, fluid coker, fired heater and boiler applications under an exclusive worldwide license from Linde LLC.

The Benefits of the LoTOX NOx Process with BELCO® Wet Scrubbing

  • Very high reduction of NOx, SOx and particulates in a single vessel 
  • No bypass required 
  • Highly reliable continuous operation over multiple years 
  • No in-line constructions or catalyst modules 
  • Open vessel design for trouble free operation  
  • No potential for plugging 
  • Automatic control of outlet NOx level through selection of target outlet value 
  • Unaffected by temperature variations (high or low) 
  • Constant NOx outlet level irrespective of NOx fluctuations at inlet 
  • No ammonia slip concerns 
  • Not subject to poisoning or sintering of catalyst surface due to temperature excursions 
  • No concerns regarding SO2 oxidation to SO3
  • Proven reliability 
  • Over 60 references 

Understand how the LoTOx  process for NOx control works. LoTOx™ is a trademark of Linde LLC.  

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