BELCO® Wet Scrubbing Technology for SOx, NOx & Particulate Reduction

BELCO® Wet Scrubbing Systems


Refineries and other industries choose BELCO® wet scrubbing technology to control emissions from critical processes that must ALWAYS be in operation and compliance - 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year for multiple years without ever shutting down. 

BELCO® wet scrubbing technology is the global standard for controlling refinery flue gas emissions from Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU's), fluid cokers, fired heaters, and boilers. Elessent also offers BELCO® emission control systems for combustion processes, steam generation, carbon black plants and other applications. Our proprietary BELCO®  wet gas scrubbing systems reliably achieve very high levels of pollutant control for SOx, NOx, fine particulate matter, heavy metals, and other pollutants. Out of the more than 500 wet gas scrubbers designed by Elessent Clean Technologies, more than 150 units are based on BELCO® wet scrubbing technology.

The World Standard for Controlling FCCU Flue Gas Emissions

BELCO® wet scrubbing is an extremely robust wet scrubbing technology that features a unique open-vessel design and special non-plugging features. The technology consists of a spray tower along with a set of filtering modules and a set of droplet separators that are designed to remove coarse particulate matter by impaction. The sprayed water droplets also provide absorption to reduce SO₂ emissions when used in combination with a scrubbing agent. Gas leaving the spray tower goes through a set of filtering modules to remove fine particulates.  

The BELCO® wet scrubbing technology is now the world standard for controlling FCCU flue gas emissions, enabling four to seven years of continuous uninterrupted operation to fully support FCCU operating campaigns. FCCU upsets are handled without need of shutdowns. BELCO® wet scrubbing allows refiners to concentrate on operations to produce products instead of having to focus on emission control and compliance. 

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LoTOx™ NOx Control

LoTOx™ wet scrubbing based NOx reduction technology provides greater than 95% NOx reduction without the problems normally associated with SCR systems.  

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LoTOx™ NOx Control

Advanced Third and Fourth Stage Separators for FCCU's

Licensed from Shell Global Solutions, TSS/FSS systems for FCCU's are used to accomplish very high reductions of catalyst fines emissions from FCCU flue gas.  

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Advanced Third and Fourth Stage Separators for FCCU's

Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)

As robustness, flexibility, and reliability are key to refinery operations, we recommend the DynaWave®  wet scrubbing technology  for SRU applications.

Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU)

BELCO® wet scrubbing technology is a trademark of Elessent and LoTOx™ a trademark of Linde LLC

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