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Tag: Oil Refining

Hengli Petrochemical Company Successfully Starts up New Alkylation Unit Designed by DuPont Clean Technologies

WILMINGTON, Del ÔÇô DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) is pleased to announce the successful startup and performance test of a 300 KMTA STRATCO┬« alkylation unit licensed by DuPont at the Hengli Petrochemical Company (Hengli) new refinery complex, Changxing Island Harbor Industrial Zone, China.

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CNOOC Successfully Completes Performance Test for DuPont IsoTherming® Hydrotreating Unit

WILMINGTON, Del., DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) is pleased to announce that an IsoTherming® hydrotreating unit installed at the CNOOC Huizhou Refinery in Guangdong Province, China has successfully completed its performance test, certifying that the unit is meeting performance guarantees. The IsoTherming® VGO hydrotreater at CNOOC is designed to process 51,419 bpsd (2,600 kmta) of a vacuum gasoil feedstock as feed for the FCC unit. The IsoTherming® hydrotreater was designed for output of <1000 wppm sulfur and <600 wppm nitrogen.

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Sinopec Successfully Starts Up Two DuPontÔäó Stratco┬« Alkylation Technology Units

WILMINGTON, Del., ÔÇô DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) is pleased to announce successful performance tests for the STRATCO┬« alkylation units at the Zhenhai Refining and Chemical Company (ZRCC) refinery in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China and the Yangzi Company (YPC) refinery in Nianjing, Jiangsu, China. These
performance tests certify the STRATCO® alkylation units are meeting performance guarantees. The ZRCC and YPC STRATCO® alkylation units both process MTBE raffinate feeds and are designed to produce 7,700 bpsd (300 kmta) and 7,500 bpsd (300 kmta) of alkylate, respectively.

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Orlen Lietuva Contracts DuPont Clean Technologies for STRATCO® Alkylation Technolology

WILMINGTON, Del., DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) has been awarded the contract to supply ORLEN Lietuva (ORLEN) with licensing, engineering, and technical services for a STRATCO┬« alkylation unit and a MECS┬« spent acid regeneration (SAR) unit at the Ma┼żeikiai refinery in Ma┼żeikiai, Lithuania. The Ma┼żeikiai refinery processes an average of 8 million tons of crude per year with capacity of up to 10 million tons of crude per year. In order to increase refinery complexity and flexibility of the Ma┼żeikiai refinery, ORLEN commissioned DuPont for a STRATCO┬« alkylation unit with 240 kmta (6,000 bpsd) alkylate capacity. The alkylation unit will utilize LPG in the conversion to alkylate, and therefore upgrade refinery profitability. The 75 mtpd MECS┬« SAR unit, also under license from DuPont, will provide the refinery with a consistent supply of sulfuric acid, which is utilized as the catalyst for the alkylation unit, while ensuring compliance with the regionÔÇÖs stringent emission regulations.

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Removing Acid Droplets Produced by Alkylation Reaction

Studies lead to a fuller understanding of how sulphuric acid droplets form in
alkylation reactions and how to combat resulting downstream corrosion.

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