WILMINGTON, Del., DuPont Clean Technologies (DuPont) has been awarded the contract to supply ORLEN Lietuva (ORLEN) with licensing, engineering, and technical services for a STRATCO┬« alkylation unit and a MECS┬« spent acid regeneration (SAR) unit at the Ma┼żeikiai refinery in Ma┼żeikiai, Lithuania. The Ma┼żeikiai refinery processes an average of 8 million tons of crude per year with capacity of up to 10 million tons of crude per year. In order to increase refinery complexity and flexibility of the Ma┼żeikiai refinery, ORLEN commissioned DuPont for a STRATCO┬« alkylation unit with 240 kmta (6,000 bpsd) alkylate capacity. The alkylation unit will utilize LPG in the conversion to alkylate, and therefore upgrade refinery profitability. The 75 mtpd MECS┬« SAR unit, also under license from DuPont, will provide the refinery with a consistent supply of sulfuric acid, which is utilized as the catalyst for the alkylation unit, while ensuring compliance with the regionÔÇÖs stringent emission regulations.