STRATCO® Engineering Design Services for Alkylation Units

Elessent Engineering Design Services
for Alkylation Units


From process design packages for new STRATCO® Alkylation units to performance studies of existing alkylation units and operator training simulators, the Elessent Engineering Team offers a comprehensive range of services to enable refineries to optimize performance of their alkylation units.

Process Design Packages for STRATCO® Alkylation Technology


The Elessent Engineering Team is ISO 9001 certified and has extensive experience in designing and delivering grassroots process design packages (PDP) for the STRATCO® Alkylation Technology.  The development of each PDP is facilitated by industry leading experts and cutting-edge tools. The PDP is a Schedule A level package that includes all the information required by a Detailed Engineering Contractor and/or Engineering/Construction Contractors to complete the final engineering of the unit. 

The following is a list of the principle elements
provided in a grassroots PDP:

Performance Evaluation of Existing Alkylation Units


Further to providing customers with grassroots PDPs, the Elessent Engineering Team has the capabilities of evaluating existing alkylation units.

In addition to providing the deliverables included in a PDP, Elessent facilitates critical meetings throughout the project including, but not limited to kickoff meetings, PFD review meetings, and P&ID review meetings. In these meetings, Elessent ensures the proposed design adheres to the refinery requirements and adequately integrates with adjoining units.  Additionally, Elessent supports post PDP meetings involving process risk analysis (PHA, HAZOP, SIL, etc.) and other meetings like 3D model reviews.  



Further to providing customers with grassroots PDPs, the Elessent Engineering Team has the capabilities of evaluating existing alkylation units. 

There are a number of existing unit studies Elessent has completed. Past studies have included:

Test run study: 

Elessent can evaluate an existing alkylation unit by performing a test run.  This form of study is accomplished by collecting actual data from an existing unit.  A Elessent engineer will travel to the alkylation unit site and ensure all the necessary data is collected. Once the test run is complete the Engineering Team will model the unit and quantify the performance of each unit operation.


Elessent can use a test run study and further provide recommendations on how to optimize the alkylation unit.  These studies can be custom tailored to investigate the entire alkylation unit or specific sections.

Expansion studies/revamp studies:

Once a test run study is complete Elessent can evaluate the additional capacity of an existing unit or provide required modifications to process a specified feed rate by identifying the unit bottlenecks and providing engineered solutions.  

Alternative feed case studies:

Elessent can provide the expected product qualities given an alternative feed.  Additionally, Elessent will recommend the specific operating parameters to achieve the required product properties.

Operating Training Simulator


Elessent offers an operator training simulator (OTS) for refiners looking to better prepare their employees for real life operations situations. 

The Engineering Team develops these customized models for refiners using a TMODSTM dynamic simulator.  The resulting high-fidelity model is used as an engine behind the emulated OTS DCS board. 



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