STRATCO® Alkylation Technical Services

Technical Services for
STRATCO® Alkylation Technology


As the world leader in sulfuric acid alkylation, Elessent has extensive experience to support your alkylation unit from commissioning and startup through decades of operation.  Elessent technical services are backed by a global network of engineers, operations, and maintenance specialists who stand ready to tackle even the most complex alkylation unit problems.

Maximizing Your Performance Through Our Technical Services


Maximizing the performance of your alkylation unit is a high priority but challenging in today’s world with a changing workforce, increased workloads, and technology advances. Elessent can help refineries address these challenges with a Technical Services Agreement (TSA).

The TSA was developed to provide our customers with a team of technical support professionals utilizing all expertise from Elessent. Services under the TSA can assist in improving safety, increasing reliability, and optimizing alkylation unit performance, thereby resulting in enhanced unit profitability.


A dedicated team monitors operating parameters 


Regularly scheduled site reviews/visits


Technical specialists conduct troubleshooting


Each TSA is custom tailored for refinery plant needs


Comprehensive training programs




Decreased acid consumption


Increased reliability:

  • Decreased unit corrosion
  • Longer equipment life
  • Fewer unplanned outages


Improved alkylate quality


Increased alkylation unit capacity


Well trained operators and supervisors



Our highly knowledgeable technical services staff can help you through pre-startup inspections, commissioning, and startup of alkylation units to help you achieve the best possible startup.  Startup assistance can be provided for new grassroots alkylation units, existing units, and revamped units.  Existing units can benefit greatly from having our experienced startup engineers review and assist during startup.



Elessent technical service personnel stand ready to assist you with troubleshooting your alkylation unit when challenges occur. Troubleshooting can be from the home office or onsite as required.  Our extensive experience allows us to help you resolve your challenges quickly and efficiently. 

Mechanical Reactor


Elessent has highly experienced mechanical technical personnel available to assist with your STRATCO® contactor™ Reactor needs including troubleshooting, inspection services, normal maintenance activities, and training.

Operational Studies


Elessent experts can provide a variety of operational studies tailored to each refinery’s needs and goals.  Studies (often referred to as TEAM studies) generally include both a review of the alkylation unit design and operating data, as well as onsite reviews and discussions with refinery engineering, operations, and maintenance personnel.  These studies can provide recommendations for procedure changes, changes in operational practices, and design or equipment changes with results including improved reliability, increased capacity, decreased corrosion, and reduced acid consumption.


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