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STRATCO® Alkylation Technology Process Critical Equipment

Process Critical Equipment for Top Alkylation Unit Performance and Reliability

Elessent has partnered with industry leaders Sulzer and Koch-Glitsch to provide refinery customers with the best in process critical equipment for sulfuric acid alkylation units. Process critical equipment such as static mixers and coalescing media promotes proper treating to ensure top alkylation unit performance and reliability.

The treating system performance of sulfuric acid alkylation units is critical for effective fractionation and unit reliability. Proper treating results in optimum fractionation and, therefore, optimum product quality while simultaneously minimizing corrosion and fouling in treating and fractionation sections of the unit.

Proper treating is accomplished by mixing the hydrocarbon from the reactor effluent and aqueous treating streams such as acid, caustic and water, followed by separation. A unique, engineered static mixer is used to turbulently disperse the fluids within, creating the optimum droplet size distribution for mass transfer and subsequent separation.

The mixed fluids are then separated using liquid-liquid separation technology installed in treating vessels. This allows for the separated and treated hydrocarbon stream to be directed to fractionation. Using the correct static mixers paired with the right liquid-liquid separation technology is essential for the system to operate effectively.

Mist eliminator technologies prevent liquid hydrocarbon and liquid acid that is entrained in the hydrocarbon vapor from entering the compressor. A good mist eliminator is critical for long term refrigerant compressor reliability and performance in an alkylation unit.

Sulzer is the global leader in the static mixing industry, providing innovative solutions and high-quality static mixers. Sulzer has over 35 years of static mixing experience in refinery, chemical and food grade services. The static mixers are available in a wide range of metallurgies. Refining Technology Solutions (a subsidiary of Elessent) is the worldwide distributor for Sulzer static mixers in sulfuric acid alkylation.

Sulzer: Static Mixer Design and Fabrication

Koch-Glitsch: Media Design and Fabrication

Coalescing & Mist Eliminators

Koch-Glitsch®: Designer and Fabricator of Liquid-Liquid Separation Internals

Koch-Glitsch is the global leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art solutions in liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor separations products for the refining industry. The coalescing media and mist eliminators are available in a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, thermoplastics, and fiber-reinforced plastics. Refining Technology Solutions (a subsidiary of Elessent) is the worldwide distributor for Koch-Glitsch media in sulfuric acid alkylation units.

The STRATCO® alkylation group works closely with Koch-Glitsch and Sulzer to provide the best solution for each refinery application. In addition to optimizing treating in grassroots units, Refining Technology Solutions, Koch-Glitsch and Sulzer work together to provide solutions for retrofitting older equipment and troubleshooting existing alkylation installations.

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