STRATCO® Alkylation Technology Commercial Experience

Performance Overview of STRATCO® Alkylation Technology

Commercial Success


The STRATCO® alkylation technology is the predominant global sulfuric acid alkylation technology. The STRATCO® alkylation technology holds 75% of the global sulfuric acid alkylation market due to its numerous technological and operational advantages over competing technologies.  

There are approximately 80 STRATCO® effluent refrigerated alkylation units in commercial operation at refineries worldwide.  Elessent Clean Technologies maintains an active relationship with these refineries. This broad experience has enabled Elessent to refine its process design, instrumentation, and operating procedures to provide market leading reliability and flexibility. Because of this, Elessent has been awarded over 100 licenses for STRATCO® effluent refrigerated alkylation units, of which over 50 are repeat licensees for customers that have the STRATCO® technology at more than one location.   

Notable Licensing Achievements

Repeat Licenses and Start-Up Units

Elessent Clean Technologies provides market leading reliability as STRATCO® alkylation units continue to operate worldwide more than 60 years after initial startup. This reputation as a robust reliable technology has led to over 50 repeat licenses as customers repeatedly choose the STRATCO® alkylation technology. Sinopec recently licensed its seventh STRATCO® alkylation unit in China, helping it to meet the country’s clean fuel demands as it moves to more stringent regulations.  

Elessent has recently completed the successful start-up of the following STRATCO® alkylation units: 

RefineryYear of Start-UpLocationOlefin Feed TypePerformance Test Met
Sinopec Fujian2021ChinaFCC Butylenex
Sinopec Zhenhai2019ChinaMTBE Raffinatex
Sinopec Yangzi2019ChinaFCC Butylenex
USGC Refinery2019USA100% Amylenesx
Hengli Petrochemical (Dalian)2019China100% Isobutylenex
Sinopec Qilu2019ChinaMTBE Raffinatex
Delek Krotz Springs2019USAFCC Butylenesx
Sinopec Tianjin2018ChinaMTBE Raffinatex
CNPC JINXI2016ChinaMTBE Raffinatex
TURKMENBASHI Oil Processing Complex2016TurkmenistanFCC Butylenex
Takreer2015Abu Dhabi, UAEFCC Butylenex
Satorp2013Saudi ArabiaFCC Propylene & Butylenex
Bashneft Ufa2013RussiaFCC Butylenex
Petrotrin2013TrinidadFCC Butylenex
Chinese Petroleum Corporation (CPC)2013TaiwanFCC Butylenex
ENAP2012ChileFCC Butylenex
Hyundai Oilbank2011South KoreaFCC Butylenex

Isobutylene Alkylation

In addition, Elessent started up the first ever commerical 100% isobutylene unit in 2019 at Hengli Petrochemical Company in Dalian, China. Read more about STRATCO® alkylation" technology butane-to-alkylate applications.

Isobutylene Alkylation

100% Amylene Alkylation

Elessent Clean Technologies was awarded the first ever and only license for the alkylation of a 100% amylene feedstock. Many operating STRATCO® alkylation units process some percentage of amylene olefins from the FCC, but this unit started up in the US Gulf Coast in 2019, and it is the first alkylation unit to process only amylenes. The unit is optimized to utilize spent sulfuric acid from an adjacent alkylation unit processing butylene olefins, helping to improve the overall economics of the project by maintaining current sulfuric acid infrastructure.

100% Amylene Alkylation

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