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HF Alkylation Conversion and Expansion with
Elessent ConvEx® Technology

ConvEx® HF Alkylation Conversion and Expansion Technology

The Elessent™ ConvEx® HF alkylation conversion technology is the first cost-effective solution that enables refiners to convert volatile and toxic hydrofluoric acid (HF) alkylation units to safer sulfuric acid alkylation technology. While incorporating the highest safety standards, this new technology also offers refiners the opportunity for significant capacity increases at minimal additional cost.

By reusing much of the existing equipment, conversion with the Elessent™ ConvEx® technology can be achieved at approximately 40-60 % of the cost of a grassroots sulfuric acid alkylation unit. In situations where plot space is available near the existing facility, downtime can be reduced by installing new equipment during normal operations. With new equipment installation already complete, the remainder of the conversion work can be finalized within a typical 30-45 day turnaround window.

There are two reactor options when converting from an HF catalyzed unit to a sulfuric acid alkylation unit.

The first option is a gravity-flow HF alkylation conversion technology utilizing STRATCO® contactor™ reactors as replacements for the existing HF acid coolers. This option uses proven reliable technology with product quality equal to that of a grassroots STRATCO® alkylation design. 

The second option is a pumped-flow HF alkylation conversion technology, which converts the existing HF acid settler to an alkylation reactor. This option is intended to be a lower cost solution with a slight performance debit compared to the gravity-flow HF conversion technology. The settler-to-reactor retrofit can be completed with either vertical or horizontal HF acid settlers.  

By taking into consideration the current HF alkylation unit technology and configuration, Elessent’s customized solutions can be tailored to meet the specific business needs of each refinery.  This allows refiners to have cost-effective options to ensure the safety of their refinery personnel and surrounding communities, while simultaneously producing high-quality alkylate at increased rates to meet market demand. 

HF alkylation conversion using Elessent’s ConvEx® technology is unique and innovative, but the design elements and expertise that have made the STRATCO® alkylation technology the leading global alkylation technology are incorporated in these conversion solutions. The resulting product includes proven technology applications, a robust design, and equipment that is familiar to refinery operators.

Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Conversion and Expansion

Much of the cost of switching from hydrofluoric acid to sulfuric acid alkylation can be avoided by using existing equipment. Read the full article from PTQ/Digital Refining.

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