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MECS® XLP Series
Ribbed Ring Catalyst

MECS® XLP Ribbed Rings Combine Reliable Conversion Performance With Low Pressure Drop

The proven track record of MECS® XLP has helped confirm ribbed ring style catalyst as an industry standard. The XLP ribbed ring series can be counted on to ensure a combination of high performance, long service life and energy efficiency for sulfuric acid plant converters worldwide.

Due to the unique ribbed ring shape, extended surface area, proprietary formulation and high manufacturing quality standards, the XLP line performs at low pressure drops with exceptional conversion performance. For higher velocity converters, the XLP ribbed rings provide reduction in pressure drop of approximately a 25% compared to MECS® LP-110 ring. The material composition and chemical formulation of MECS® XLP-110 enable effective conversion for a multitude of gas conditions and is suitable for use in all passes.

ReliabilityReliable Conversion Performance

The material composition and chemical formulation of MECS® XLP-110 enable effective conversion for a multitude of gas conditions. From the harsh conditions encountered in the first catalyst bed to the high SO3 and low O2 conditions in the final bed, our proven XLP-110 formulation provides reliable conversion in all converter passes. XLP-110 has had a successful track record in meeting or exceeding performance expectations of customers in the sulfuric acid industry since 2003. 

ExpertsThe Experience and Technical Expertise You Need

Our catalyst and process specialists will help you specify the best MECS® catalyst products to optimize throughput, energy efficiency and reliability for your converter passes. It all adds up. We have the extensive technical expertise, proven high-performance catalyst and overall sulfuric acid plant production knowledge to maximize value for your specific application.

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