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MECS® XV-105 Ribbed Catalyst

MECS® XV-105 Ribbed Catalyst – High Conversion Performance

Over the past two decades, ribbed ring catalysts have
become the standard in the sulfuric acid industry. The ribbed ring shape of MECS® XV-105 provides excellent conversion performance while minimizing pressure drop across the catalyst bed.

MECS® XV-105The Latest MECS® Ribbed Ring Catalyst

The ribbed ring shape of MECS® XV-105 reliably  provides high conversion performance while keeping pressure drop low across the converter. MECS has nearly 100 years of sulfuric acid catalyst knowledge, which we’ve dedicated to offering customers high-performance catalysts with long service life and excellent energy efficiency. We’ve combined the proven reliability of the XLP catalysts and MECS high-quality standards with Chinese manufacturing to expand our portfolio and improve lead times around the globe.

ExpertsThe Experience and Technical Expertise You Need

Our catalyst and process specialists will help you specify the best MECS® catalyst products to optimize throughput, energy efficiency and reliability for your converter passes. It all adds up. We have the extensive technical expertise, proven high-performance catalyst and overall sulfuric acid plant production knowledge to maximize value for your specific application.

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