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Technical Services

IsoTherming® Technical Support and Services

Experienced Elessent Clean Technologies technical service engineers provide invaluable training to refinery personnel to facilitate IsoTherming® unit start-ups, share operational best practices, and aid in optimization and troubleshooting.

Start-Up Services

Start-up services include on-site operator training, a pre-start-up inspection of the constructed unit and on site support during commissioning.

Operator Training

The Elessent operator training program (provided prior to the mechanical completion and start-up of the licensed plant) is envisioned to be conducted in two phases.

This training is designed for operators and engineering staff who are involved in hazard analysis and/or who are involved in creating the detailed operating manual. 

  • Major process variables and their effect on product quality
  • Major process instrumentation
  • Unit process description
  • Typical IsoTherming┬«┬áhydroprocessing unit operations
  • Recommended unit surveillance
  • Start-up procedures
  • Normal shutdown procedures
  • Emergency shutdown procedures
  • Safety procedures

The purpose of the phase 2 training is to review operation principles with the plant operators. Elessent engineers will review the Piping & Instrument Diagrams (P&IDs) against the constructed unit, and make a list of recommendations to improve the operability and reliability based on this review. Training subject matter includes:

  • Start-up
  • Review of phase 1 material
  • Walk-through tour of the subject plant

Additional Start-Up Services

In addition to operator training, Elessent technical service engineers provide the following services to ensure a successful start-up and refiner acceptance of performance:

  • Consultation during catalyst loading and reactor internals installation
  • On-site start-up assistance during catalyst sulfiding through the completion of start-up activities
  • Assist plant operators and engineers in the performance test┬á

Technical Assistance During Normal Operations 

After the start-up of the IsoTherming® unit, Elessent Clean Technologies will send experienced engineers to the refinery to facilitate a performance review of unit operations.  This review will entail collecting plant operating data, collection and analysis of samples.

Several options are available from Elessent to address any long term technical support needs including:

  • On-going troubleshooting
  • Optimization assistance
  • Debottlenecking/revamp studies
  • Research and development capabilities

Long Term Technical Support 

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