ClausMaster™ SO₂ Recovery
Benefits and Design

The ClausMaster™
SO₂  Recovery Design


This patented physical absorption process for capturing residual sulfur dioxide is custom designed for client applications in the sulfuric acid industry by our ClausMaster™ SO₂ recovery engineering and design services specialist. Designs feature high absorption capacity and are non-aqueous and environmentally friendly.  

These designs can be used in sulfur recovery unit (SRU) tail gas cleaning, fluid catalytic cracker units (FCCU), coker scrubbing, FGD systems, and many other applications requiring SO₂ recovery.

Advantages of ClausMaster™ are

How It Works


Tail gas from a claus sulfur recovery plant containing H₂S and SO₂ is completely oxidized thermally or catalytically to SO₂. The hot SO₂ gas is then cooled by a DynaWave® wet scrubber and gas cooling tower, and submicron acid mist is removed by the Brink® mist eliminator
After passing through the proprietary SO₂ physical absorbent specified by the ClausMasterTM SO₂ recovery design team, clean gas exits the stack and the SO₂ is stripped from the SO₂ laden absorbent in the stripping tower. Concentrated SO₂ is recycled back to the Claus sulfur recovery plant where it is converted to sulfur. 
The recycled SO₂ reduces the air and fuel requirements for a typical Claus plant and H₂S tail gas system.

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