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MECS┬« LP Ring and Pellet Catalysts

MECS® LP Rings Provide Reliable Conversion Performance

The MECS® LP ring catalysts provide the high-activity, uniform dust handling and low pressure drop characteristics desired by sulfuric acid plant operations and production personnel. Ring-style catalysts have been dependable in the sulfuric acid industry for many years. The smooth ring shape is ideally suited for service in moderate-velocity converters. The ring shape provides a significant pressure drop advantage over pellet-shaped catalysts.

An optimal catalyst design integrates the attributes of your sulfuric acid plant with the appropriate catalyst selection to satisfy your requirements for SO2 emissions, production rate and energy consumption. One size does not fit all. Therefore, Elessent Clean Technologies provides custom MECS® catalyst designs to meet the unique needs of each client. Ring and pellet catalysts provide catalyst design solutions for plants with moderate-to low-velocity converters. MECS® T Series pellet catalyst has been trusted to provide maximum SO2 to SO3 conversion, along with low screening losses, since 1963 while the MECS® LP Series ring catalyst range, introduced in 1981, is a proven product for boosting SO2 to SO3 conversion and can curtail low pressure drop and screening losses.

for Moderate to Low Velocity
Sulfuric Acid Converters

Reliable Conversion Performance

The material composition and chemical formulation of MECS® LP-110 enables effective conversion for a multitude of gas conditions. From the harsh conditions encountered in the first catalyst bed to the high SO3 and low O2 conditions in the final bed, our proven LP-110 formulation provides reliable conversion in all converter passes. LP-110 has had a successful track record in meeting or exceeding performance expectations of customers in the sulfuric acid industry since 1981.  

MECS® Pellet Catalyst Is Ideal for Low Velocity Converters

MECS® T-11 all-purpose pellet catalyst provides a balance of high-activity formulation and geometry to achieve optimum conversion and uniform dust handling in all passes. For applications where low gas velocity converter vessels are used, our T-11 provides uniform gas distribution and maximum conversion performance. In addition to high activity, T-11 exhibits high mechanical strength resulting in low losses during screening.

The Experience and Technical Expertise You Need

Our catalyst and process specialists will help you specify the best MECS® catalyst products to optimize throughput, energy efficiency and reliability for your converter passes. It all adds up. We have the extensive technical expertise, proven high-performance catalyst and overall sulfuric acid plant production knowledge to maximize value for your specific application. For further details, please see our brochure.

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